Accident Repairs and Spray Painting

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality workmanship and a friendly and professional services to all our customers.

  • From minor scatches to full accident repair services, all at affordable prices.

  • Insurance accident repairs

  • Highest quality repairs that meet all insurance and trade standards

  • We’re not just fitters, if we can repair panels we will – saving you money!

  • Plastic bumper repairs a speciality

  • For commercial vehicles and vans we will do our best to work within your timescales to get you back on the road as quickly as possible

  • Try our smart repair service on your bumpers, scuffs and wheels – the repairs might not be done on your driveway but they are guaranteed to last!

What Services do we offer?

Full body kits fitted

Colour coding

Wheel refurbishment and resprays

Vented wings

Window tinting

Had an Accident? Know your rights.

Contrary to what they would have you believe, insurance companies cannot insist that you have your vehicle repaired at a bodyshop nominated by them. The choice is entirely yours. You can in fact insist that your chosen repairer undertakes the work – no matter who you are insured with. By law, it is the owner of the vehicle who has the right to choose who undertakes the repairs, as long as all insurance standards are enforced.